Can Birds Burp?

Some people wonder: Can birds burp? After all, only Sloths don’t burp! But is it possible for birds to produce a sound when they burp? And can chickens burp? Here are some answers. If you’re wondering if your bird has an excessive gas problem, read on. Listed below are the most common causes of chicken … Read more

Can Birds Be Service Animals?

Some people wonder if birds can be service animals. After all, they are small and can provide emotional support for their handler. Birds can be very empathetic and mimic human sounds. Parrots can learn words and phrases to calm their handler. These benefits alone make birds an excellent choice for ESAs. Read on to learn … Read more

Parrots Can Be Potty Trained Like Dogs!

Parrots can be potty trained like dogs! Like humans, they have an instinctive desire to not poop on a favorite human perch. Potty training your bird will take about 12-15 minutes and involves rewards for good behavior. Here are some tips on how to potty train your bird. Before you begin, make sure you understand … Read more

Can Birds Be Albino?

You might be wondering: can birds be albino? The feathers of an albino bird are not always so easily noticeable. The white bird you see at the feeder could just be an albino. Its color is actually very deceptive. Read on to discover the real story behind the white bird you see at the feeder! … Read more

How Can Birds Blink?

Birds blink during various processes , from preening to sleep, including the Phasic and Tonic phases. You may be wondering what causes them to blink during different times. Fortunately, it’s easy to see that parrots are capable of blinking, as the ability to sleep with one eye open is an evolutionary advantage. Here, you’ll learn about … Read more

How Sensitive Are Parrots to Crying?

Parrots understand human emotions and show them through their cries and behavior. Read on to discover how to respond to your pet’s cry. You might be surprised at how sensitive birds are! Read on to learn about common causes of bird cries. Here are three: Parrots understand human emotions While most humans have no idea … Read more

Can Birds Cough?

If you have a bird, you may wonder if it can cough. Birds cough like people do, and while this may be a harmless form of mimicry, it can also be a sign of a respiratory problem. If you find your bird coughing uncontrollably, it’s time to seek medical advice. This article will explore the … Read more

Can Birds Crossbreed?

Depending on the species, birds can crossbreed. Chimpanzees have the longest animal-mate cycle, lasting 18 months. Some birds can be jealous of other species. For example, a blue jay and a cardinal that live in the same area might crossbreed. This can lead to a variety of problems. In some cases, a crossbreeding pair may … Read more

Can Birds Carry Fleas?

Some people may have asked the question: can birds carry fleas. There is no definitive answer to this question, but it is possible for birds to pick up fleas from outside. If your bird constantly moves or flies around, fleas are most likely present. Here are some signs that your bird may be carrying fleas. … Read more