Will Goldfish Breed in a Tank?

The first step in breeding goldfish is to make sure that they are fertile. Goldfish eggs are small and vulnerable to being eaten by the goldfish. If you’re planning to keep fertilized eggs in your goldfish tank, it’s best to keep them in a separate holding area. This tank should have low water pressure and … Read more

How Do I Entertain My Fish Tank?

A good way to keep your fish happy is to provide interesting activities. Some options include Marimo moss balls, Floating logs, Ping pong balls, and ceramic logs. If you don’t have any of these things, you can purchase some. Read on to learn more. Alternatively, you can also buy fish food and accessories and fill … Read more

How Much Does a Pet Goldfish Cost?

So you’ve decided to buy a goldfish. But how much do you need to spend? Before you purchase one, learn about the basic costs involved in keeping goldfish, including Fish flakes, aquarium decor, and a tank size. These costs can add up quickly and can be very intimidating. Read on for some tips to save … Read more

How Long Can a Goldfish Live in a Bowl?

A good question to ask is how long can a goldfish live in a bowl? You might want to keep a goldfish in a bowl for a few days or even a week. The answer depends on the species of goldfish and the size of the bowl. If the bowl is small, you can use … Read more

What is the Average Lifespan of a Pet Goldfish?

If you are thinking about getting a pet goldfish, you might be wondering, “How long does it typically take a goldfish to live?” This article will answer your question and more! Read on for information about the typical lifespan of the common goldfish, Shubunkin goldfish, comet goldfish, and fantail goldfish. These fish can be fun … Read more

Can Pet Goldfish Have Babies?

Goldfish can’t carry babies inside their bodies when they are pregnant. Instead, they lay eggs. Even if the female goldfish is overfed, she can still carry a load of eggs. Read on to learn more about this common problem. In some cases, a female goldfish may shed her eggs when she is about to lay … Read more

Can You Touch Your Pet Goldfish?

Many goldfish owners wonder, “Can you touch your pet goldfish?” Some common reasons are: Small tank, no slime coat, stressful breeding behavior. Hopefully, this article will help you answer that question. In addition, you will learn more about goldfish care. If you have a goldfish, the following tips can help you take good care of … Read more

Why Do Pet Goldfish Die So Fast?

You may be wondering, “Why do my pet goldfish die so quickly?” There are a few common reasons why this can happen. These include poor water quality, Ammonia buildup, overfeeding, and Flukes. Keep reading to find out which one might be the culprit! Read on to discover the most common causes of pet goldfish death. … Read more