Do Ferrets Keep Mice Away?

Do ferrets keep mice away? The short answer is yes. Although they are carnivores, they can also attract mice to their cages. Moreover, you can train your ferret to hunt mice while they are young. This way, your pet will be able to catch and kill them. And it will not just be mice that … Read more

What Kind of Food Do Pet Ferrets Eat?

When you think of what to feed your ferret, you’ll likely think of meat. But what about bones, organs, and insects? Do you want to offer your pet raw meat, too? Read on for some great advice. Ferrets are wild animals, so they’re naturally prone to eating different kinds of food. Raw meat is a … Read more

What Habitat Do Ferrets Like?

Are you wondering, “What habitat do ferrets like?” These curious creatures live in different environments, ranging from Grasslands to Prairie dog towns. While these animals are omnivorous, they will eat just about any animal, including mice, rats, snakes, birds, bird eggs, and insects. In their natural habitat, ferrets are usually preyed upon by other predatory … Read more

Where Do Pet Ferrets Go to the Bathroom?

Your first question may be, “Where do pet ferrets go to the restroom?” You can start by observing which corner of the cage your ferret likes to use. Once you know this, you can encourage your ferret to use a potty pad or litter box. Then, you can use treats to reward him for using … Read more

Do Ferrets Come Home If They Run Away?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “Do ferrets come home if they go missing?” Thankfully, this isn’t always the case. The good news is that your pet may come home if you take some simple measures to attract it back. Here are three ways to attract your missing ferret: Tip for … Read more

Can You Let a Ferret Free Roam?

It is a good idea to restrict your ferret to a certain room, but not too much. It will allow it to exercise its natural curiosity. But keep in mind that ferrets are very strong and can explore and push things into places they should not. Recently, a ferret was caught dragging a whole turkey … Read more

What is the Average Price For a Pet Ferret?

If you’re considering getting a pet ferret, you may be wondering how much it’ll cost you. Here’s an overview of pet ferret costs, including the cost of veterinary care, food, and a litter box. You can also find out what to expect from the cost of caring for a pet ferret after you get it … Read more

Are Ferrets Happy in a Cage?

If you have a ferret, you probably wonder if it is happy to be kept in a cage. In this article, we will cover everything from selecting the best cage for your ferret to keeping it away from direct sunlight. Once you’ve figured out how to keep your ferret happy in a cage, you’ll be … Read more

Are Pet Ferrets Legal in California?

Are pet ferrets legal in California? The answer depends on your circumstances. State laws vary, but in general, a domestic ferret is allowed. Mustela putarius furo is the scientific name for this breed. California does not have specific laws regarding the pet ferret, but does recognize the domestic species. Read below for more information. If … Read more