Weather Protection For Pet Rabbits

When keeping a rabbit in an outbuilding, it’s important to maintain the right temperature. Shifting from cold to hot can be detrimental to the health of a rabbit. Full weather protection will ensure that the temperature of your outbuilding stays comfortable for your rabbit. You can use heated water bottles to give your rabbit warm … Read more

Declaw Your Bunny Or Use Nail Caps Instead

Many people wonder if they should declaw their bunnies’ nails. However, declaw your rabbit is a very expensive procedure, and you may be able to save money by using nail caps instead. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of declawing your bunny: How to find the vein in a rabbit’s nail When clipping a rabbit’s … Read more

Is it Safe to Sleep With Pet Rabbits?

Does your pet rabbit sleep with you? You might want to know how safe it is for your pet, and how to make sure it is comfortable. Rabbits have similar chewing habits to a 10-week-old golden retriever, and you don’t want them damaging your trim. You can buy furring strips from a hardware store that … Read more

Do Pet Rabbits Come Back If They Escape?

The first thing that you should know about your pet rabbit is that they are highly nocturnal animals. However, they do have good sense of direction and will most likely find their way back home if something frightens them. In the event that they do escape from your home, it is important to be ready … Read more

Is Having a Rabbit Hard Work?

Are you considering getting a rabbit? This small pet is an excellent choice for those who want a companion who is easy to keep indoors. Rabbits are quiet animals, so they are great for light sleepers. Here are some tips to make your rabbit happy and healthy. Make sure you keep him or her safe … Read more

Are Pet Rabbits Good With Dogs?

If you’re wondering if pet rabbits get along with dogs, then read this article. Pet rabbits are highly affectionate and need lots of human interaction. Unlike dogs, they need a larger space and more interaction than their canine counterparts. Read on to learn why pet rabbits get along with dogs and how you can ensure … Read more

Can Pet Rabbits Wear Collars?

You might wonder if your pet rabbit can wear a collar. This may seem like a great idea, but it can have some dangers. First of all, rabbits usually live in cages. In a cage, a collar could get stuck or become trapped in some of the things in the cage. This can cause stress … Read more

Can a Pet Rabbit Survive in the Wild?

Can a pet rabbit survive in the wild? That is a question that many rabbit owners are interested in answering. The answer to this question depends on what you want the pet to do. A pet rabbit can be trained to come when called. Then, if it escapes, you can easily catch it, as long … Read more